We combine strategic leadership, practice development, graphic design, web development and hosting, marketing plan development and execution, and skilled media buying to help your practice thrive in today’s medical climate.
What if proven practice-building techniques could be brought to every employee affordably, on their desktop, without the expense and time away that annual meetings cost. Our on-demand programs are just what you need to ensure your team has the administrator, counselor and technician skills required to grow elective vision services.
Our expertise is finding and attracting elective medical prospects using pay-per-click advertising, video ads, website design, search engine optimization, inquiry tracking and reputation management. We base our fees on growing your practice. If you don't grow, we don't succeed.
With over fifteen years of ophthalmology experience, countless surgeon engagements and numerous contributions to ophthalmology journals, Kay Coulson is a recognized thought-leader in elective vision. It's our pleasure to share Elective Med methods and techniques that will help you grow.
The Bootcamp curriculum is personalized to your practice. We assess current staff performance and practice activities, then tailor training to those elements needed by your team to increase elective vision volume and profitability.

elective medical marketing | Ophthalmology Practice Development & Marketing

Searching for ways to grow your LASIK practice?  Improve presbyopic and toric IOL implant conversions?  Thinking of adding Dry Eye or Cosmetic Services but unsure how?  Elective Medical Marketing – practice development experts focused exclusively on elective vision growth, can help.  Founded by Kay Coulson in 2005, Elective Medical Marketing is an experienced team of ophthalmology practice development and marketing professionals combining strategic guidance, staff training, marketing planning, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, performance tracking and market research to ensure the right patient is motivated to approach your practice.

Kay Coulson has helped surgeons and administrators throughout the world successfully grow elective vision practice performance. We are experts in the dynamic Lifestyle IOL market, along with LASIK, ASA, Dry Eye and Cosmetic Services.  Our approach is simple. Uncover real customer problems.  Recognize their fear. Ensure their entire experience—from initial contact to final post-op—is personal, informative and enjoyable. Deliver the very best outcomes possible. And elevate staff performance and service-line reporting so the mystery of practice growth is removed.

“Kay has worked with our practice since its inception. She been instrumental in helping us achieve the vision I had for establishing an elective vision correction center. Elective Med offers a particular asset to smaller private practices, like mine, in terms of their very sophisticated market analysis and advertising which often times is only affordable for larger ophthalmic practices.”
─ Stephen Pascucci, MD
EMM has impressive skills in two distinct areas: Practice marketing (including PPC, SEO, campaign management, inbound call handling, call-to-consult conversion optimization), and practice administration (covering staff issues, compensation, cost containment, scheduling, patient flow, time management and the like.) I think this unusual hybrid of skills does not exist with other consultants serving the elective vision niche – usually they sort either into marketing consultants or practice management advisors, but not both. The value received from her company is very high.
─ David Wallace, MD
We have the greatest respect and appreciation for Kay Coulson and her team at Elective Medical Marketing (EMM). When they take on a client, EMM becomes an integral part of your practice and they deliver results! It’s like having a true in house marketing team available to you at all times.
─ Pierre Alfred, MD & John Warren, MD

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