Digital Advertising

LandingPage-DigiAd_300x300-(50-pad)PAID SEARCH ADVERTISING

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is necessary for the modern medical practice. PPC ads offers immediate search engine visibility, critical if you are opening a new practice or trying to improve practice identity in a competitive market. We successfully use PPC to reach new LASIK prospects, educate Lens Implant patients about new cataract options, promote dry eye and cosmetic services, and to gain position when high organic search position is difficult to achieve.  Our expertise in Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Yelp ensure outreach everywhere your new patient might be learning about you.  Most importantly, we use sophisticated aggregating software that allows us to adjust bids daily, ensuring you never pay more than necessary for ads, and are always in the proper position on the page.


Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and other online content providers are an incredibly cost-effective way to expose your message to people who aren’t actively searching for your services.  Display ads send highly targeted, geo-relevant traffic to your website. We’re able to control and test ad messaging, making real-time adjustments to ensure interested prospects become actual appointments in your office.

Contact us if you’d like an audit of your current advertising or if you’d like help developing new digital advertising to attract qualified LASIK and Lens Implant inquiries.