Reputation Management



Marketing is a waste of time and money if you don’t first deliver the business basics: Treat people well, see them on time, deliver a great result and charge them fairly. Yet much of what’s required in medical marketing today is not simply that you say you do things well or uniquely compared to others, but that you prove it.

Excellent physician ratings, patient reviews and prime search engine presence are proof of expertise, or lack thereof. The digital age encourages commenting about everything, which is uncomfortable for practices that aren’t prepared and can be detrimental to practices that don’t monitor. Managing your online reputation requires you be continuously aware, engaged and responding to reviews  – positive and negative – patients share with the world. Done properly, positive reviews can become a huge referral engine.  Negative reviews are an invaluable resource for learning where you and your team can improve. No matter the status of your current online reputation, we can use it to help improve your ophthalmology practice.

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