Inquiry Tracking

LandingPage-InqTrack_300x300-(50pad)HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU’RE WINNING IF YOU DON’T KEEP SCORE?  

It is critical to understand each stage of the lead acquisition process, in order to tackle weak links in the chain.  One issue with manual tracking (old-style tick sheets or white boards), is that you never get accurate information.  If you see too few LASIK Consultations or Lens Evaluations on the schedule, you’ll ask the phone team, “Are we getting calls?”  Their answer is invariably, “No.”  Why?  Because if they answer yes, it means they aren’t converting effectively.  It’s easier to blame advertising, rather than change inquiry-handling behaviors.  Removing variability from lead tracking is critical to pinpointing accurate weak links.  Technologies exist to monitor the source and quantity of phone calls.  Methods exist to track online appointment requests.  These inquiries can be tracked back to keywords searched, ads seen and landing pages viewed.  The goal is to remove subjectivity from marketing ROI measurement and focus on those messages that generate appointments.

To learn more about how we implement telephone and online form tracking to accurately measure practice interest and marketing success, contact us.