Staff Coaching

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Are you a practice that faces stagnant or declining surgical volume, persistent scheduling challenges, increasing patient wait-times, poor staff motivation, uncertainty about fees and profitability, concern about the exactness of surgical outcomes, and questions about the real return-on-investment of new technologies? Are you spending substantial marketing dollars yet not seeing surgical procedures increase? Are you hoping to capitalize on the interest in Lifestyle lenses but can’t seem to convert potential patients?


Surgeons hire us because they want to do more surgery – specifically, more elective vision surgery. We work with refractive centers who are branching out beyond LASIK into Lifestyle IOLs. And we work with comprehensive ophthalmology practices looking to expand their elective vision services to convert traditional cataract patients into upgraded lens patients. Our surgeons want to see more of the right type of patient. They want to earn more for each surgical case they perform. And they understand they can improve their quality of life by trading the hamster-wheel of more patients, for fewer of the right patient.


We can help you in a variety of ways. You may engage us for a Vital Signs Assessment to determine where the opportunities lie within your practice, and determine where bottlenecks and barriers exist. You may want Program Development which adds marketing programs and staff training. And you may choose to have us work with your administrator weekly to adjust staffing, shift visit protocols and execute plans to ensure volume and profitability goals are achieved. Or, you may invite us in for just a day or two to conduct staff training to give your team that little extra push toward excellence. Our fees are based on growing your procedure volume profitably. If we don’t, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

 Contact us to discuss how we can help your practice grow, efficiently and effectively.