Elective Vision Bootcamps



Our Lifestyle IOL Bootcamp combines a 1 day practice assessment with a training session for physicians and key staff. This successful curriculum, developed originally by Kay Coulson as Lifestyle IOL Bootcamp, combines an assessment of current practice activities with those proven to be most effective in expanding the Lifestyle IOL service line. Kay assesses your practice, then personalizes the Bootcamp program for your trouble spots. She will identify key steps to achieve elective procedure growth, common roadblocks in the comprehensive ophthalmology office, and evaluation tools for practice implementation.

This program is best for practices who have achieved 10% or greater Lifestyle IOL conversion, have a willingness to implement an elective vision patient experience, and have staff that are willing and able to embrace change. We can hold this on-site at one of your locations, or choose a local meeting room accessible to all. This can be combined as a training for both staff, surgeons and comanaging ODs.


These phone sessions between the surgeon and Kay Coulson provide a confidential forum for strategy discussions, employee challenges, process difficulties and exam conversation critiques. Using her experience with successful and struggling Lifestyle IOL and LASIK practices, she will help focus your priorities and energy to improve practice performance goals.

This program is best for the physician who doesn’t need the complete Vital Signs Assessment because (s)he has only one or two clearly identified problem areas. Or, it is for the physician that isn’t sure the office is ready to move to an elective-oriented process and wants more direct conversation before moving forward.


Staff CoachingThese webinars are hosted by Kay Coulson to provide your staff with specific how-to instruction to increase Lifestyle IOL and LASIK procedure volume. Common topics include Silo Scheduling, Block Scheduling, Implementing the Patient Education Process, The Four Questions that Fill Lens Eval Slots, the PACE Method for LASIK Inquiries, Increasing Patient Referrals and Clinic Flow for successful elective vision practices.

One caution, if your staff is resistant to change, or feels they can wait-out new ideas, these webinars will not be effective. However, if your staff is on-board and motivated, these webinars are highly effective in providing detail for the concepts introduced in the Bootcamp Seminar. They require you have a strong internal champion to ensure implementation, and provide specific how-to guidance tailored to the practice’s individual needs.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about a customized Elective Vision Bootcamp for your practice.