LASIK Topics

Moving LASIK From Good to Great

Very few of us are new to the world of LASIK. Ophthalmologists who were just dabbling in the procedure exited the arena ... Read More

LASIK Phone Skills | The PACE Method

If you're on the front line of LASIK inquiries, answering the phone can feel mysterious and frightening. For the novice employee, taking ... Read More

How To Fail Building an OD Network

Virtually every practice that has trouble building or expanding an OD referral network makes one or more of these mistakes.  Gear your ... Read More

How To Succeed Building an OD Network

The key to building a successful, sustainable referral network is mutual respect, collaboration and communication.  Consider these five actions which help you stand out ... Read More

Data Tracking Improves LASIK Outcomes

To improve outcomes and reduce enhancements, it is absolutely vital to record acuities and manifest refractions for post-LASIK patients on a daily basis ... Read More

It’s Not the Economy. It’s You.

Many LASIK surgeons adopt a fatalistic outlook when the economy falters. They tell themselves, “Well, there's really nothing I can do. It's ... Read More

The Future of LASIK

LASIK’s future is uncertain. To keep it viable, we must reassess pricing, marketing and outcomes.   LASIK is in critical condition. From a peak ... Read More

What To Do About LASIK Marketing

If you're a comprehensive ophthalmologist, this year feels like every year as patients filled waiting rooms and appointment calendars overflow. If you're an ... Read More

Commit to LASIK Excellence

Stellar results and a perfect patient experience will deliver LASIK growth. Deliver patient-preferred vision. Invest in technology that delivers superior visual outcomes ... Read More

Your LASIK Practice Can Flourish

Many LASIK practices still are feeling the pinch. The 2008 recession cut the LASIK market in half, and it doesn't seem we'll ... Read More