Elective Lens Implant Topics

Delivering Patient-Preferred Vision

Ophthalmic practices across the world are deciding whether they will offer their patients presbyopia- and astigmatism-correcting IOLs (what I call lifestyle IOLs). This decision, however, is more ... Read More

Either-Or Counseling of the Lifestyle IOL Candidate

Lifestyle IOLs, comprised of toric, multifocal, and accommodating IOLs, represent a significant opportunity for surgeons who wish to offer glasses-free vision to their ... Read More

Five Trends That Drive Ophthalmology Growth

There are three absolutes in the challenges physicians face in ophthalmology practice development over the next several years. More people will need ... Read More

Get Specific With Surgical Outcomes

Jim Collins, in his pioneering book “Good to Great,” examined what role technology played in the rise of successful companies. He found ... Read More

It’s Time To Abandon Premium IOLs

Surgeons’ ability to bring technologically advanced lens implants to cataract patients grew significantly  when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services decided ... Read More

What Do Your Patients Have to Say?

Staying on top of Lifestyle IOL performance has been difficult. It seems we are so busy adjusting appointment schedules, refining patient education, ... Read More

Elective Lens Implants Still Growing

"Mrs. Keller just called. She received her investment statement and has lost $45,000. She will not be able to do the premium ... Read More

Educating Premium IOL Candidates

Presbyopic and toric IOLs provide great promise to cataract sufferers. They offer significant vision improvement upon cataract removal, an improved range of vision ... Read More