Practice Assessments

LandingPage-PractAssess_300x300-(50pad)IS YOUR PRACTICE HEALTHY?

How many times have you asked, “How is the practice doing? Is it growing? Is it profitable? Can performance be improved? Am I focused on the correct issues?”

Through our Vital Signs Assessment, we will evaluate core issues affecting every surgical practice:

  • What type of practice do you want to build?
  • What is the optimal mix of elective vs. insurance services?
  • What is the proper structure for staff, service lines and protocols to deliver this vision?
  • How will you measure success?
  • How will you forecast effectively to build on strengths and minimize weaknesses?

We will evaluate the health of your practice and potential for growth through the analysis of seven Vital Signs we have determined drive overall practice health: Customer Interest, Practice Conversion, Surgical Pipeline, Referral Health, Appointment Efficiency, Marketing Effectiveness and Surgical Outcomes. We’ll build a Predictive P&L and Annual Plan for your practice that drives future growth and provides benchmarks to measure progress.


Throughout the Vital Signs Assessment, we pay particular attention to your marketing spending, where you spend it, and how effective these funds are in generating increased surgical volume. We will review and recommend changes to internal and external marketing programs to ensure Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Surgery are within industry norms and optimally productive for your practice.


We will review all newspaper, direct mail, TV, radio, online and outdoor advertising to determine optimal mix and whether we can reduce your spending or increase your lead quality with changes to the marketing mix.


A key expense for any surgical practice is its employees. We evaluate current appointment loads, staff utilization and staff efficiency to ensure you have the optimal FTE level to achieve practice goals. Most often, we find that practices employ too many people, do not have them deployed properly, and have a scheduling template that is not optimized to build surgical volume.


Each Vital Signs Assessment will include the development of a Predictive P&L which incorporates inquiry projections, conversion improvements and pricing adjustments to become a living, breathing forecasting tool for your practice. This annual Pro Forma allows you to immediately view changes from market growth or decline, conversion improvements or shortfalls, and pricing elasticity.

Upon completion of Vital Signs, you will have:

  • An annual plan,
  • Specific targets for leads, consults and surgeries.
  • Annual marketing spending to deliver the plan.
  • Refined positioning that differentiates your practice.
  • Increased patient and OD referrals.
  • Alterations to office layout and flow.
  • Modified appointment templates.
  • Staff assignments and employee training.
  • Updated in-office materials and education.
  • Consistent outcomes tracking.
  • You will know what’s wrong.
  • You will know how to fix it.
  • And you will have tools to ensure improvement.

Contact us if you’d like an assessment to evaluate the health of your practice, including profitability potential, marketing effectiveness and staffing/scheduling efficiency.