LandingPage-SearchOpt_300x300-(50pad)SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Every ophthalmology practice is challenged with attracting well-qualified elective vision prospects, especially new LASIK and Elective Lens Implant  inquiries. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable resource that allows patients to find you whenever and wherever they search.

As filtering algorithms grow more complex, and competition grows more fierce, SEO is a daily endeavor. Improving the position of your website for key search terms occurs through constant, steady edits of your website.  You want your practice to rank high in local search with address, phone and directions to the practice.  You want individual web pages to rank high for important service lines, patient reviews and surgeon expertise.

Whether a prospective patient uses Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, you want top position.  We use best-in-class SEO monitoring software to know explicitly what needs corrected to improve organic search position.  The higher your rank in organic search, the less you need to spend on digital advertising.  We understand how to improve search position, and work hard to ensure patients find you at the top.  Contact us if you’d like to explore an SEO audit, or learn more about our SEO services.