Elective lens implant services are a fast-growing surgical segment for practices desiring increased revenue independent of traditional insurance reimbursement.  

Branded patient education materials are a must for practices interested in increasing elective lens implant volume.  It’s not enough to hand out lens brochures from a manufacturer.  Patients must see what is unique, advanced and personal about choosing surgical care with you.  Through attractive printed brochures, videos and streamlined patient forms, the entire process of surgery with your practice should feel unique and personalized.


Lens Implant advertising is most effective when focused on education about aging eyes and cataract symptoms.  We provide digital advertising via Google and Bing, newsletters and newspaper ads in targeted communities, and radio advertising in receptive markets.  Increasingly, the cataract-age audience knows to research vision issues online, and search network advertising focused on surgeon experience, cataract treatments, lens implant choices and the simplicity of the surgical process generates substantial consumer interest.


 Websites have become the modern-day Yellow Pages for quick and easy phone calls and address searches.  We create websites that prioritize elective services which set you apart from others in your market, and ensure all actions generate appointment requests.  Most people only browse 1-2 pages of your site before leaving, calling or filling out a scheduling form.  We make sure the information they need is front-and-center to promote scheduling.


In-office materials are often designed to create excitement about surgical vision correction, and emphasize the personal nature of your care.  Everything from Day 1 post-op gifts to wall art to printed banners in reception areas and digital ad boards in exam lanes reinforce that your practice is advanced, welcoming, and atypical.


Email blasts highlighting new services to existing patients, introducing new doctors, or promoting optical or cosmetic specials make your practice even more valuable to those who already trust you with their eyes.


Presbyopic, astigmatic and refractive lens implant services comprise a significant component of our client portfolio.  If you’re looking to grow elective lens implant services, contact us to learn more about our unique integrated marketing and practice development services.