Kay Coulson, MBA


Training surgeons and administrators how to successfully increase elective vision procedures and profitability within their medical practices is my passion. I have extensive expertise in the dynamic intraocular lens, LASIK and medical device markets and am a recognized author and thought-leader in the emerging elective medical industry.

I founded Elective Medical Marketing after successfully building InSight LASIK (Colorado) into the fastest-growing LASIK practice in the US between 2001-2005. I sold the practice and began working with comprehensive and refractive ophthalmology surgeons desiring an increase in surgical volume, patient satisfaction, and profitability.


New York University, New York City, NY
Masters in Business Administration: Marketing

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Bachelor of Science: Finance


Elective Medical Marketing, Boulder CO
Founder & President, 2005 – Present
Elective Medical Marketing is a practice development and marketing consultancy that provides strategic leadership, practice development, graphic design, web development, and media services to surgical ophthalmology practices. We assist elective vision practices in growing surgical volume through the implementation of our patient-focused, market-proven programs.

Amicrobe, Carlsbad, CA
Investor & Consultant 2014 – Present
I assist this early stage company with business development and capital raise for
their proprietary technology which reduces/eliminates hospital acquired infections
and multi-drug resistant infections.

Alcon Laboratories
Consultant & Speaker, 2004 – 2013
I served as a consultant and speaker for Alcon Laboratories at over 100 events over the last 10 years, introducing new practice development methodologies related to laser and lens implant innovations to surgeons throughout the US, Canada, South America and Europe.

InSight LASIK, Lafayette, CO
Partner, 2000 – 2005
I built this laser center, and co-owned/operated it with an optometric partner. We grew from 0 to a peak of over 250 procedures per month as a premium provider in the Northern Colorado market, becoming the fastest growing elective vision center in the country. I sold the facility in 2005.

Prior to my medical marketing career, I spent 18 years in new product development, brand management and consulting for industry-leading companies including General Foods, Celestial Seasonings, Kraft, Golden Grain and Bernina.


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• Let It Flow: Improving the Laser Center Dance
• Counseling Techniques that Improve Conversion
• Outcomes: How Good Are You – and Can You Get Even Better?
• Scheduling to Improve Patient and
• Surgery Planning: Improving Flow. Improving Outcomes. Protecting Your Surgeon. Staff Satisfaction

• Integrated Marketing: The Advanced Course In Online Marketing and Tracking
• Cool Tools: Make Small-Time Marketing Spending Big-Time Effective
• Disruptive Advertising: What’s Effective in Elective Vision Marketing Today
• WHO. WHAT. WHERE. WHY. Positioning Your Practice for Growth
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• Media Selection: Make Good Choices
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• Vision Value: What the Market Says You’re Worth
• Vital Signs: How To Monitor and Improve the Performance of Your Practice
• Business Fundamentals: What I Wished I’d Learned in Medical School
• Marketing Planning: Pay No Attention to the Woman Behind the Curtain
• Pricing Smart for Elective Vision Procedures
• Staffing for Success
• The Predictive P&L: Getting Ahead of Your Practice


Advanced InSight
• Course Director 2013, Alcon Global. Elective vision training for surgeons throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Lifestyle IOL Practice Development Bootcamp
• Founder, 14 cities throughout the US, 2010
Eclipse: Building a Lifestyle IOL Practice
• Course Director 2007/2008, Alcon Laboratories
Leveraging the ReSTOR Opportunity
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Revolutions in Cataract and Refractive Marketing
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Best Practices for Increasing ReSTOR Upgrades
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• Canadian Physician Conference, Napa Valley, CA, November 2005
Getting to Yes – Practice Development for the Surgical AM
• US National Sales Meeting, Alcon Laboratories, Hollywood, FL, January 2006
• Canadian National Sales Training, Toronto, Canada, February, 2006
Designate. Counsel. Deliver. Three Steps to ReSTOR Integration
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Refractive Excellence: Accepting the Challenge
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Refractive MVP
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